How To Choose Solar Fence Lights?

You run underground cables, spend lavishly on monthly bills, and yet experience occasional blackouts. Well, not again! Solar fence lights will keep your home well-lit even when your neighborhood is in stygian blackness!

Solar fence lights are cost-efficient, eco-friendly, and more reliable. But before you array your fence with them, know what works best for your home. Here are some tips to buy solar fence lights!

How To Choose Solar Fence Lights

How To Choose Solar Fence Lights For Home?

When choosing your solar fence light, factor in the following aspects for you to make the best buying decision;

  • Brightness Level: Manufacturers measure light intensity using lumens, with higher lumens translating to brighter light. Solar fence lights range between 12-1500 lumens, so there’s a significant difference in their light intensities. With no monthly bills to pay here, more lumens should be the way to go unless you have a noisy neighbor.
  • Construction: Since solar fence lights spend their whole life outside, choose durable materials. Stainless steel and ABS are good options. Also, ensure that they are heatproof and waterproof.
  • Lighting Modes: Modes allow you to choose how the light operates. More modes mean that you have more options for selection. They also give you the convenience you can’t find in single-mode options.
  • Motion Detection Range: Motion sensors are there to maximize efficiency. We measure the sensitivity of the sensors using the detection range. Usually, high detection range (measured in feet) means that the detectors are more sensitive.
  • Durability: It is important to choose solar lights that will last longer. Some solar lights do not last long enough because of harsh weather outside. So always check the longevity of solar lights.

SEZAC Solar Lights Outdoor

Light up your home with these affordable and practical solar outdoor lights. They come in a cost-efficient pack of 6, giving you more than what your money deserves. Each of the lights is IP65 waterproof for all-year-round reliability.

The tri-mode lights feature an optional motion sensor. Once you activate this feature, the lights turn on bright illumination when they detect activity within 10-15 feet. After the motion ceases, they will wait for 15 seconds, then dim or turn off depending on the mode.

The 2000mAh battery is large enough to ensure that each light makes the most out of every sunny day, so that come dusk, they are ready to keep your home brightened up for hours.

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OTHWAY GY-L6-4Black Solar Fence Post Lights

If you are looking for the most affordable top-notch fence lights, here comes the option that works best for your needs. These lamps come at a fraction of what you’d expect to pay without compromising their quality!

Unlike the predecessor that arrives in a pack of 6, you are getting 4 easy-installation lights here. Even so, they are bright enough and will offer most homes the level of illumination they need, with the honeycomb design delivering a great light design.

One thing, though, is that these long-lasting lights don’t have motion sensors. Instead, they come with a day-night sensor, another clever feature that turns the lamps on come dusk and then off when dawn rolls around.

JSOT JS – 03Y Solar Lights Outdoor

These top-notch lights aren’t just lights. They will illuminate your home all around with the warm-white eye-friendly light when it’s night and deliver aesthetic benefits during the day, thanks to their fashionable design.

The high-quality stainless steel construction is a much-coveted feature of these lights. You surely will appreciate this material if you live in areas experiencing extreme snow, rain, sun, and other inclement weather conditions.

Even more,  you don’t need an expert for installation. In fact, 3 minutes should be enough to have each of the lights exactly where you want them. And yes, the package even includes installation screws for all 8 lights, although you can also use a double-sided tape if you already have one.

The battery capacity here is 700 mAh. Sure, that’s not the best capacity a solar fence light can have. But don’t underestimate it because when fully charged, it should power your light for up to 8 hours.

SOLPEX Solar Deck Lights

No, they aren’t just for the deck! These lights will serve you in several other areas around the home, including the fence. They produce warm-white light, just what works best for your eyes.

You are getting a whopping 16 lights here, obviously more than what any other manufacturer will be willing to offer for the same price. As such, if you have a large perimeter fence, you’ll find this option more economical since you don’t need to grab several packs!

And yes, as you’d expect of any outdoor fixture, the craftsmanship of these lights is up there. The long-lasting ABS plastic will survive years of exposure to harsh outdoor weather.

The lights take 4 to 5 hours to charge. Once charging is complete, the lamps will use their intelligent sensors to tell the time of the day, ensuring that they turn on the light just when it begins to get dark!

In addition, the size is well-thought-out, ensuring that you get a brightened home without the lights looking overly bulky on your fence posts. And as for installation, you can either use screws or double-sided tape.

Luposwiten Solar Motion Sensor Lights

Brighten your home with these 4 motion sensor lights. Each lamp has 28 LEDs that produce 400 lumens of light. That’s bright enough to allow you to see everything happening at the fence without upsetting your neighbors.

The motion detectors are sensitive and will sense movements within 16 feet. And yes, no false activation with this fence light! The intelligent sensors can accurately distinguish human activity from the noise made by nature, for instance, wind.

There are only have 2 modes here; ON and OFF, with the light only turning ON when there’s an activity within its detection range. For efficiency purposes, that’s fine. However, if you need fence lights that can stay on even without activity, these lights just won’t fit that bill!